Time to Feed the Baby Solids

Zeke's first meal with solids
Zeke's first meal with solids

Time to feed the baby solids. We held out until 6 months, with the other kids we started them on solids at 4 months. Our little Zeke was finally done with watching us eat, he wanted some of that solid food action.

After reading Selena’s post on choosing easy to digest foods rather than starting with rice cereal, Zeke dined on the fine cuisine of B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (Does anyone else sing Hollaback Girl when spelling bananas?).

With our handy dandy food processor, bananas and a wee bit of formula —we had baby goo homemade banana baby food in a matter of minutes.

It’s like he has been watching us intently practicing the eating motion, because unlike our other kids where food was spit out everywhere — Zeke gobbled the bananas like he’d been doing this the last 2 months. We did have a little incident when he thought he could feed himself — bananas in hair never hurt no one!

While he’s only been on solids for 2 days, the dude now lets you KNOW when its time for him to eat. Gone are the days of the nice squeaking for bottles — it’s now screaming for baby food.

Here’s our little future competitive eater in action:

What Solids Did You Start Your Baby On?

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