Feeding Solids on Vacation

Solids on the go!

Our trip to Georgia was planned long before Cullen was even born.   At the time, I had no idea how to even visualize what life with an eight month old would look like.  Would he be crawling?  What would he be eating?  What would ours days be like?

As our trip grew closer and I had a better idea of Cullen’s needs, I started to try to plan for how to accommodate his lifestyle into a vacation.  It’s no secret that babies = STUFF.  Strollers, high chairs, bibs, toys – babies are not light travelers.  My little guy is a messy eater who likes to feed himself off the high chair tray.  How would I make it work on vacation?

I didn’t want to spend the money on a portable or foldable high chair, since I knew it wouldn’t be used very often.  At the same time, I didn’t really want Cullen eating directly off the kitchen table of a rental home or hotel room either.

I ended up picking up a Summer Infant Bibbity bib to avoid having mashed food and soggy puffs all over the floor below him.  He thought it was fun to pick the food directly out of his trough himself.  I also got the Summer Infant Tinydiner Placemat so that he could still eat directly off the table.  For a total investment of about $20, these items have made vacation eating so much easier!

Each morning and evening, I just cut up his food and put it directly on his placemat.  Then one of his doting grandparents holds him in a dining chair while he happily feeds himself and pushes food all over the mat.

I’m so glad we found an easy, portable solution.  The mat and bib were easy to roll up and stuff in our luggage – taking up much less room than a foldable high chair.  The bib is easy to rinse and clean too – no need to be washing bibs every few days!

We’ll definitely be keeping these for any future trips.  I might even just store them in the diaper bag for meals at restaurants or when we’re out and about.  I’d highly recommend both!


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