Fever Baby Vacations: Pool Time

Abby & Her Cuz

With Abby’s fever fluxing and waning from mild to moderate, we’ve still been able to get in some quality pool-time.

Which has her grinning all over the place; in her absolute element. This one, is a water baby. Unlike her bro, who completely lost his toddler poop today in the pool.

No way, no how was the pool happening for him. It was like death by torture of the kiddie pool. Poor little guy. We thought he was over his fear from last year, what with how exuberant he’s been at our local beach back home.

It’s been too cold for him to really get in there, so today was a real eye opener. The mister and I are at a bit of a loss on how to proceed. Of course we want to work with him gently, helping him overcome his fear as opposed to making it worse. Any words of advice you lovely readers have on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, how is this for some ridiculous kind of cute?!

And this?

Unbearable. I know. As you were.

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