Finally, A Baby Who Can Shovel It In.


Absolutely none of my children ever really loved baby food. As a new mom, would try and try, but at the end of the day they wanted nothing to do with any type of puree or “mush”.

And while I skipped the rice cereal all together with Paul, my other three kids found it disgusting and refused to open their mouth. Looking back, feeding my kids “first foods” was a stressful time I never really enjoyed.

I felt like every mealtime was a fight between myself, a spoon, and an unwilling baby. We would  and go through the motions just long enough, until we thought it was appropriate to start finger foods.

But apparently, the fourth time is the charm.

Baby Paul? He’s a man-baby who knows how to put it down.

Shovel it in. Hook up the hog trough. Right now, you name it he’ll typically eat it.

And it’s funny, because just last week our pediatrician commented that Paul is headed in the petite direction, and is destined to be a tiny guy. Maybe he was listening? Trying to prove the doctor wrong?

Because right now, at six months old, he easily eats 3-4 jars of food, and nurses every couple hours. This is way more food than any of my other three children ate at this age.

Honestly, I simply don’t know where he’s putting it!

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