We're Finding Our Baby a New Home

All of the baby's extras are packed while we prep the house for selling.
All of the baby's extras are packed while we prep the house for selling.

We’ve decided to do the unexpected and sell our home of 10 years. It’s the year of the unknown for our family and moving to who knows where fits in perfectly with this year’s theme. So baby, we’re finding you a new home. Don’t worry Zeke – your crazy family will be moving with you.

Moving is going be grand and all, but we own our house. In order for us to buy another house, we must sell this house. If you have ever put a house on the market, you know the pain and agony that follows with that.

  • The house must be organized.
  • No personal items out.
  • Dishes must be cleaned.
  • The house is professionally staged so looks NOTHING like you would want your home.
  • No baby toys out and about
  • House showings with only a few minutes notice forcing you to evacuate

Needless to say, this mom is pulling her hair out.

The next few months will be full of adventure and change. Our little Zeke is fortunately at an adaptable age. He accepts change easily. Now for our other 3 kids, yeah not so much.

I just keep thinking, this is a new chapter in our story.

Any Words of Wisdom for Selling Your Home With a Baby?

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