Finding Our Normal

Both asleep on me.

Five weeks ago Baby H was born.
Four and a half weeks ago I came home from the hospital to my husband and 4 year old son with a newborn in my arms.
Three weeks ago I got my driving privileges back.
One week ago I couldn’t believe a month had passed by already.

Today was the first day I felt a glimpse of normalcy peeking back into our lives.

I was out of bed at a decent hour this morning and felt good about it despite the lack of sleep I’m still getting throughout the night. I was able to pump a little this afternoon to get that ball rolling and start a stash for when I go back to work. We spent time outside as a family on what will probably be one of the last really nice warm days this season. I even managed to make dinner tonight—which we ate at the table as a family—complete with a fruit and vegetable side dishes.

Both of the boys got baths tonight. Stories were read and as of this moment they are both sleeping. Never mind the fact that they are both sleeping in my bedroom—Baby H in his bassinet and G-tot in my bed—the point is they are asleep.

If I was indulging in beverages of the alcoholic nature, this would be the perfect moment for a glass of wine.

Life is good.

And today I feel like the possibility of falling into a routine that works for us might not be that far off.


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