Finding The Baby/Work Balance


little wolfI’ve been writing this post all day.  No matter how many times I sit down to the computer, it seems a certain little someone bombards me with his cuteness and I’m drawn away.

Although I’m officially on maternity leave, I’ve got responsibilities other than my baby.  You guessed it – work and blogging!  On top of that, I’m catching up on sleep with a nap once a day as well.  Things are going pretty well so far.  Wolf is on a pretty good eating/sleeping schedule and I’m able to work or get in a good nap.

Most of the time…

Today is one of those days where Wolf just doesn’t want to give me “me time”.  He’s been fussy most of the day.  He wants to eat every hour or so, then he’ll be awake and we’ll play for another hour then he only sleep for 30 – 45 minutes.  Then we repeat.  So, that only gives me a few minutes once I actually sit down to type to get any work done.  Thankfully my husband takes over after play time to help him wind down for a nap, but whew!  Finding the balance between baby and work can be tough.

So moms, if you’ve got a new baby and you work from home, how do you do it?

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