First Day at the Pool!

She lasted 1/2 hr in this thing!

The weather has finally warmed up enough to get our swimsuits on. I’ve been dying to take Evie to the pool, but really, I just wanted an excuse for her to wear cute little swimsuits before she outgrew them.

I squeezed her little fat rolls into a Burberry swimsuit that was given to her by dear friends. (Enjoy that honey because I doubt you’ll get to wear Burberry again. I certainly haven’t.)

We protected the pool with a swim diaper and swim cover. I feel like that is a little overkill but this pool charges a $1000 fine if anything escapes.


I’m so happy my little nugget is a water baby. She played like she was in the bathtub. With her little tube, she kicked her legs like she knew how to swim already. (I guess it has only been 7 months.) She loved the water so much that after a half an hour, I took her out and she screamed.

If I could, I would be at the pool with her every day.

Oh, and she slept really well that night.

Evie in her Burberry coverup with Auntie N.
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