First Father's Day: A Slideshow


The first time I met my husband, I knew he was going to be a good dad. It was one of the things that I found most attractive about him. Being the uncle to 14 kids, he came trained to feed, burp, bath, and most importantly change diapers.

My husband and I waited almost 5 years to be parents, and it has been so amazing to see him become such a helpful and caring father to our son in the last 4 weeks.

The moment I found out I was pregnant, Steve became an involved parent. He started talking to our baby before I was even showing. He was playing handpicked songs for our son in the womb. He took that intense childbirth class with me, and coached me through every moment to bring our baby into the world.

I am so lucky to have a husband who is so involved in every aspect of our son’s life.

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    A few minutes after Tate was born
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    The day after he was born
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    Tummy time - One week
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    Two Weeks
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    Two Weeks
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    Two Weeks
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    Nap Time

Happy Father’s Day, Steve. I couldn’t do it without you.