First Time Away From the Baby

how can i leave this face
First time away from this baby, trying to not think about it!

With my third child, I was on a plane 10 weeks after he was born for work. It didn’t phase me.  Over the course of his first year, I traveled often. It just became the norm. Thankfully my husband is fabulous with the kids (I didn’t say house, but we’ll talk about that later – you can only ask for so much).

Fast forward a year, and here I am with a baby again. This time though, in 6 months I’ve been here with Zeke every waking moment. I think we may have spent 8 hours apart – but that’s it. Thursday, I get on a plane and leave him for 3 days.

I have all of these irrational fears that I’ve never experienced before. Most likely because, we’ve been together every moment and well this getaway is not something I have to do. When I traveled for work, it was a must. This trip is something that I am doing for me. I just need to get over it and know all will be fine.

Were You Freaked Out Leaving Baby For The First Time?


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