Five Signs My Kids Will Be Better Cooks Than Me

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I’m not a good cook.

When I actually dare to make something in the kitchen, I have a very limited criteria for success: Did I burn down the kitchen? Did I singe my eyebrows? Did I give anyone salmonella poisoning?

If the answers are all “No,” then I declare victory. Heck, even if just one eyebrow is lightly toasted, it might still be worth a little end-zone style celebratory dance.

But, like all parents, I want better for my children…and I am indeed optimistic that they will prove more capable cooks than their culinary-challenged mom. Here’s why:


  • Five Signs My Kids Will Be Better Cooks Than Me 1 of 6

    I think my kids will grow up to know their way around a kitchen...even if they get zero help from me.

  • They Love Grocery Shopping 2 of 6

    To be honest, I would rather run through a car wash naked than visit the supermarket (naked or clothed). For me, it's just another time-sucking errand. But for the kids, the supermarket is a magical place where they get to ride atop tall metal wagons whilst gawking at all sorts of strange and colorful things, such as the occasional grape soda spill on aisle 6. Hopefully, they'll retain this sense of wonder when they become adults and then can patiently pick out fresh produce for all the delicious home-cooked meals they'll be making...for their  mother.

  • They Actually Like Vegetables 3 of 6

    Scrunchy Face will gobble up pureed spinach like he's a puny Popeye incarnate, while Saucer Eyes loves his carrots and peas. Me? I prefer to consume my vitamins and minerals the way Mother Nature intended -- through neon-colored gummy supplements shaped like woodland creatures.

  • They’re Open to Unusual Food Combinations 4 of 6

    What you're seeing above is Saucer Eyes pretending to eat bananas, mac & cheese and corn on the cob all at once. True, these are fake plastic foods -- but if the kid is willing to eat plastic, can you imagine what unusual real food combos he's willing to shovel into his mouth...or, later, cook on his own? Do I have a future Wylie Dufresne on my hands? Cocoa-flavored foie gras, here we come!

  • They Can Remember Recipes 5 of 6

    Saucer Eyes can't make pancakes by himself yet -- but after watching his father make them several times, he can recite the recipe by heart. I, meanwhile, still have to double check Google before I even attempt to make hard-boiled eggs. I guess I just need to wait a couple of more years and then Saucer Eyes can just make all my hard-boiled eggs for me. Yep -- one hyper grade-schooler, one egg and one pot of boiling water....what could possibly go wrong?

  • They Like Playing With Kitchen Toys 6 of 6

    Scrunchy Face loves banging together the various toy foods that come with the VTech 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset and even tries to get up and roll the shopping cart a little bit before nearly falling flat on his face and giving his mother mini-heart attacks. Saucer Eyes, meanwhile, really does pretend to cook or go food shopping with the toy. Maybe his experience playing like this will better acclimate him to real food shopping and kitchen duties when he's older...which makes me wonder what other toys encourage useful domestic skills. Are there any toy toilet brushes on the market?


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