Five Things I Still Haven't Done Now That I'm Not Pregnant


At the end of July I wrote about five things I couldn’t wait to do once I was no longer pregnant.

So far I have done exactly zero of those things.

Why? I’m still adjusting. I haven’t done a ton yet besides love on Baby H and take care of our general needs as a family.

But I am still looking forward to doing these five things again.

Drinking a margarita. This is primarily due to the fact that I’m exclusively breastfeeding and just have not yet found the time to have a drink between feedings.

Taking a bike ride. I still really do miss this one. If I get a ride in this season it is going to have to be after I get the okay from my doctor. Next week is my 6 week postpartum checkup so it could happen soon. 

Eating yummy soft cheeses like Brie and fresh mozzarella. This needs to be remedied soon. Like tomorrow. You have been warned fresh mozzarella.

Playing Just Dance. Again, waiting for the 6 weeks postpartum checkup. Although, a week or two before I gave birth I did put the game on and dance along with a song or two. It was great.

Sleeping on my stomach. I miss being able to sleep on my stomach. My boobs are still preventing this from being a truly remarkable experience.

How about you? Have you done the things you couldn’t wait to do once you delivered your baby?

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