Flange. Not Phalange.

flange for medela breastpump

Flange? I thought it was spelled “Phalange.”

Flange is another name for those special breast pump parts that attach to your boobs and look like space-age torpedo shooters or something Madonna might have worn in her Vogue period.

It isn’t only for breast pumps:

Flange: (n) A protruding rim, edge, rib, or collar, as on a wheel or a pipe shaft, used to strengthen an object, hold it in place, or attach it to another object.

Medela calls it a breastshield. I blame my doula for making it a two syllable word-“Fuh-lange.”

Don’t ask me where I came up with the ‘Ph’ part. I figured it must be spelled some fancy way. Never mind that I didn’t see it in the dictionary when I looked it up. And not one person corrected me in this post. Maybe no one said anything because I was sleep-deprived with a newborn. No one wanted to hurt my feelings. I appreciate that.

Anyway, this is a flange. Not a ‘phalange.’ Perhaps I’ll just start saying ‘breastshield.’

At least, now I know the truth.