Foods to Avoid in Baby's First Year

Did you know Berries contain a protein that is hard for infants to digest?

I’ve been having so much fun in the baby food department!

Have you seen my Adventures in Baby Food Making Series? The Sweet Potato? The Mango? I know there’s a trend for Baby Led Weaning and holding off solids until the Little Ones feed themselves, but I wouldn’t miss this stage for the world. It’s so FUN! and Little Bean simply loves meal times. You should see his eyes light up when the bib goes on. Grunting, legs flailing, mouth open. He’s more than ready to move past breastmilk.

That being said, I have to be careful. I don’t want to push him too fast too soon and there are some things you really should avoid in that first year. Like Berries, Citrus and Tuna. Berries contain a protein that’s hard for babies to digest, citrus fruits are too acidic, and tuna may be too high in mercury.

For a complete list foods to hold back on check out What Not to Feed Baby: 16 foods to avoid in the first year. Thankfully peas aren’t on the list because that’s penciled in as out next adventure!