Forced Dates for the Year: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Musical Theater, your next hot date! What?

For our last anniversary, my husband gave me (us) season tickets to the Dallas Theater Center. I love theater and especially love that he is willing to go but the best part about this gift is that it has guaranteed us 6 date nights. Through the birth of a baby named Gordon, adult soccer leagues, biz trips and general laziness, we have put on pants and gone out to the theater, like grown-ups. And sometimes we eat food facing each other, and sometimes… we have a brief yet insightful conversation about the show.

My husband has even discovered that he doesn’t hate Musical Theater when it is performed by professional singers and dancers (and features scantily clad showgirls.)

Of course there are the challenges of babysitters and budgets but if you buy your tickets for a weeknight (we go on Tuesdays) you can get some awesome deals. I’m talking $90 for 6 shows! Don’t be scuuuured, check out the deals that your local theater might have.

So if you are looking for a killer gift to give or receive, I strongly recommend season tickets to your local theater. And if you are laughing out loud at the thought that your husband would enjoy this, he might surprise you, and if he hates it? Well, you can leave him at home and take someone else like your BFF or your mom. And then the babysitter problem is solved. HA!

What do you think, is this something you would enjoy as a couple? Do you agree that setting 6 dates in advance might make it happen?

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