All of This Formula Talk Stresses Me Out

baby formula guilt
Do you suffer from baby formula guilt?

Yes, I formula feed my baby. I tried breast feeding each of my 4 babies and squat happened and unfortunately squat won’t nourish my babies. So low and behold, I’m a formula feeder, who so wishes she could breast feed but can’t.

So okay, I accept that I can’t breast feed. Nor do I have ample sums of money to buy breast milk for my baby. I have accepted that formula is how my baby is fed. I do have 3 other kids that are fine and healthy that were formula fed. So nothing to worry about, right?

Then this past week happens. All of this formula talk stresses me out. Each time I have put together a bottle, the little devil that sits on my right shoulder whispers – you bad MOM!

To any mom that formula feeds, take this advice: Do NOT Google looking for information on formula incidents. It’s just going to stress you out more.

I did find then great article on making sure you prep your formula correctly. There are some great tips in here to make sure you follow in order to make your baby’s formula the safest possible.

In the mean time, I am deleting my Google Alerts for formula safety and making sure each bottle is made hot and of course sterile. You can only do, what you can do.

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Have You Ever Experienced Formula Guilt?