Forty-Two Hours of Labor? Pshaaaa...

baby just born
Fuzzball, moments after birth.

Are you like me? Do you love other people’s birth stories? Do you love to tell your own? For me, my birth with Fuzz was pretty straightforward, but my first birth story was so long and traumatic that it was too exhausting to tell after a while. I ended up writing it down and submitting it to this website so now I can just send it to people instead of telling all the nitty gritty details moment to moment for all 42 hours or thereabouts. I thought that was a long labor.

Andrea Meyer’s birth story was published today, where she details her 55 hours of labor in a most entertaining way. That’s right. Fifty-five hours. Actually, the first several were spent shopping, and at least she got to spend a large portion at home, so perhaps she had it easy. Regardless, it’s amazing how even though I have never met her, I still got chills at the end. Take a read, if you will.

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