Four Month Exhaustion

Fuzzball making me tired.

I’m approaching four months postpartum. With my last child, around four months was when I thought I was going insane from sleep deprivation. This time, although I feel slightly better, I’ve noticed I am hurting the last few days. This may be because Fuzz has a cold and has been up every hour or so, or it may be cumulative exhaustion.

I talked to some other people who agreed that four months was a completely exhausting time. The newborn is no longer a newborn, but he or she is still keeping you on your toes. Every day is a learning curve that may or may not include rest. This is about the time the sleep deprivation really starts to get the better of you. Before, you could laugh it off or balance it out with a jolt of oxytocin (or at least a shot of espresso). Now, it’s really settled in for the long haul. Last night, I had one of those experiences that I fully blame on sleep deprivation.

Before I share this story, I’ll preface it with the fact that T, my husband, has not been helping as much at night anymore. Our older son has been waking up a bunch and he’s been handling him.

So, I was changing Fuzz’s diaper at some unknown hour. Lately, I’ve been doing this in bed because I’m too tired to pick up my giant baby and bring him to the changing table. Unless, of course, he has a poop. Also, I think he stays in a sleepy state if I don’t pick him up.

I unswaddled him and quickly slipped the fresh diaper under his tush and fastened the sides. I normally throw the pee diaper in the champ without flipping it, saving flipping for morning. Sometimes, if I’m extra tired, I just throw it in the direction of the champ and pick it up off the floor in the morning. But this particular time, I guess I completely forgot to throw it anywhere, because I woke up at 6am and realized I was sleeping on it. Things have deteriorated, greatly.

Other friends have shared super sleep-deprived stories as well. One friend put a diaper on inside-out (you can guess the mess that produced). My sister reported that she was so tired she forgot to heat the water for her tea and just threw cold water over the leaves. Another friend accidentally put his daughter’s carseat in the trunk- with his daughter in it. Luckily, he didn’t lock her in there. While most of these stories are harmless, I realize that it’s possible to really do some damage in this state. Hopefully none of you have.

Do you have a story of exhausted parenting to share? I’d love to read it!