Four Months: The Deets


Tate and I went to the doctor for a check up and his shots. He wasn’t too happy after the shots, but he was back to himself after a feeding and a good nap. He is doing so well. Here are the details:


Birth: 7lb 8oz
4 Months: 15lb 12oz


Birth: 21 1/4″
4 Months: 25 1/2″

Acquired Skills

This month was a doozy. You learned to laugh, roll over, and ride in the car without screaming as if you were being tortured. You are starting to try to sit up and are constantly acting as if you know how.


When you are hungry mostly, which let’s be honest is most of the time.


You prefer to be held all the time. Your naps are sporadic, usually in the moby or on the boppy after you eat. At night, you still sleep in your cradle in our bedroom, and we co-sleep after your first nightly feeding. You generally go down around 8PM and get up for the day at  8AM.


Eating, snuggling, being tickled, peeakaboo, and happy attention. Anyone talking directly to you with a smile on their face will almost always earn a giggle in return. You also love when we help you stand —  always flapping your arms proudly when you are upright.