Fresh-Air Fuzzball! Hilarious! [VIDEO]

Baby on grass
This is the appropriate photo.

Thanks for everyone’s advice on Fuzz’s diaper rash! Today we heeded readers’ advice and let it all hang out in our backyard! I caught a few priceless shots and what I think might be the best video on youtube. My husband, T and I  might be the only ones who think this is funny, but it’s only 18 seconds long so just give it a shot, please.

In this video, Fuzz is working on a new skill. Apparently he doesn’t find concrete steps to be abrasive, at all. Either that, or he doesn’t notice it, yet.

Some might consider this offensive, and completely inappropriate. To you I say, tough tushies. Others might say he was just ‘doin’ da’ butt.’ He might be upset when I pull this out at his Bar Mitzvah, though. Do you think?

By the way, I apologize for the shakey camera. I was laughing uncontrollably. Watch after the jump!