From Pregnant to Parent

From pregnancy to parenting!
From pregnancy to parenting!

Hi there, Baby’s First Year readers!  I wanted to quickly introduce myself.

I’ve been writing over on the Being Pregnant blog for a few months now, but seeing that I am no longer pregnant, it is time for me to leap over to this new venture.

My husband and I welcomed our little boy, Cullen, on October 21st, 2011.  Hard to believe he is already 12 days old!

In twelve days of parenting I have already learned the following things:

  • If you change a diaper, it will immediately be pooped in.
  • If your pour milk on your cereal, the baby will wake up.
  • You can learn to master any task using just one hand.
  • And perhaps most importantly, every minute of it is worth it when you see your baby smile for the first time.

Thanks for letting me share my journey with you over here on Baby’s First Year!



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