Happy Super Bowl, Baby!

  • Watch out, Roethlisberger. Youve got competition. 1 of 25
    Well, maybe she needs to work on her coordination a bit, but this Steelers fan sure is happy with a black and gold football in her hands!
  • Go, Pack, Go! 2 of 25
    This little girl loves her Packers football! She couldn’t be cuter than when she dances and claps her hands to the Packers chant at 0:10.
  • Hes a Bears Fan, and Not Even Dad Can Convince Him Otherwise 3 of 25
    Looks like Mom taught this baby well &mdash he refuses to back down!
  • J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! 4 of 25
    Just reading the sports section of the newspaper gets this little Jets fan all worked up.
  • Gearing Up for the Big Day 5 of 25
    This baby practices his Steelers chant and towel wave like he's already at the Super Bowl! Watch his enthusiasm build to an adorable outburst at :20.
  • A Real Football Fan 6 of 25
    Now THAT is a fist pump. This serious fan could probably teach Dad a thing or two!
  • Wishful Thinking? 7 of 25
    There’s no doubt what this baby wants from the next play.
  • Visions of 8 of 25
    …sugar plums? Nah, we know what this baby’s dreaming about!
  • Football Prodigy! 9 of 25
    Well, almost. Still impressive for a kid his age! Check out his skills at 0:28.
  • The Most Fun Part of Football 10 of 25
    Go to 0:25 for this baby’s best touchdown moves &mdash including a knee bend!
  • Father and Son Talk Serious Football 11 of 25
    …but Dad can’t help infusing the conversation with a little baby talk.
  • Whos on the Team? 12 of 25
    This baby is a team player &mdash but at :41 she shows she can handle the ball just fine on her own.
  • Eyes Glued to the Game 13 of 25
    You won’t be getting this little football fan off the couch before half-time!
  • Funny Fumble 14 of 25
    This baby can’t keep his hands on the football, and he think that’s hilarious!
  • What a Silly Quarterback! 15 of 25
    This baby laughs uncontrollably at the crazy quarterback in her living room.
  • Practice Makes Perfect 16 of 25
    This little girl never gets tired of passing with dad.
  • The Best Kind of Sunday 17 of 25
    There’s nothing like watching football on the couch with your old man! Just ask this baby &mdash and listen for his reply at 0:26.
  • Future Coach? 18 of 25
    This baby watches a college game so intently, you’d think he was studying the plays!
  • Are You Ready? 19 of 25
    This baby is! And tossing the football with Grandma produces some of the cutest belly laughs we’ve ever heard.
  • Peek-A-Boo Football! 20 of 25
    Now you see it, now you don’t! This baby loves watching Dad pass the ball away and catch it again.
  • Watch and Learn 21 of 25
    This little guy already has the lineup stance down!
  • Are You a Packers Fan? 22 of 25
    This babe knows the answer to that question, but it’s not exactly what Dad has in mind.
  • Future receiver? 23 of 25
    Maybe not, but she’s brought the head butt to American football … and thinks it’s hysterical!
  • Look, Mom, three hands! 24 of 25
    A touchdown deserves more than two arms raised &mdash this baby adds a leg!
  • Wait for It, Wait for It 25 of 25
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