Get Ready Addie! Memorial Day With a Fire Fighter Dad!


That handsome man holding the flag? That is my husband.  He is a fire fighter in our local town, and for Memorial Day weekend, that means a ton of traveling for us as a family.

Different parades, picnics at different fire houses… and this year three children to cart around in our Dodge Caravan from event to event.  I thought last year with two children was bad, but two toddlers and a newborn is going to have nothing on the events and schedules of the years passed!

As I am preparing myself, and the older kids for it, I realized that just for these three days I am not only going to have to pack entertainment for the older children, my husband’s stuff, but I am also going to have to take along virtually our entire nursery for the barely one month old baby we will have tagging along.

The one bright side… I don’t have to pack food or formula for her, like I had to last year with our younger son.   Meal time is covered by the breastraunt right under my shirt… but I will be sure to have my nursing cover in tow.  One place I always use my cover (for me, not for anyone else) is around the guys at the fire house… Just sort of creeps me out.   I guess you have to know these guys to understand why. Haha!

So thus far I have come up with… diapers, wipes, changing pads, change of outfits, bibs, burp clothes (since she has this new spitting up trick), stroller with the shade, blankets (because the weather around here lately has sucked!) and I just feel like I am missing a ton of stuff…

So what do you pack for your newborn when you are going to be out of the house for 12-15 hours a day for three days in a row?

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