Getting a New Hairstyle

I love braids, especially tied into a ponytail.

It’s happened.  My already thin hair is falling out by the handfuls.  Each time I run my comb through my hair in the morning, I cry a little inside as I watch all that hair falling to the floor.  Oh pregnancy hormones, why must you torture me!!

I’ve decided that it’s time for a new hair style.  No, I’m not going to chop chop chop my long hair off.  I learned that lesson the hard way and my face is not made for short hair.  But I’m talking more along the lines of pretty hairstyles I can rock to change my look from day to day.

Want to see some I’m planning on trying?

My lovely friend Joanna posted a link to Refinery 29’s Month of Hairstyles article from August and I feel so inspired!  Such stylish ladies!  I’m a fan of the simple low ponytail but I’m in need of some variety to spruce up my thinning hair.

Loose body waves are perfect!
Love the addition of a braid to a ponytail.
A sophisticated twist on the usual bun.
An easy top knot.

{photos by Dan McMahon for Refinery 29}