Getting the Girls on the Same Sleep Schedule


I have always been a sucker for a great schedule. The girls and I have our routine throughout the day and I absolutely love it. When we are off of our schedule (like today) it makes for a little bit of craziness around our house.

With me finally getting the hang of things with both girls and Avery finally getting into a sleep routine, I have set a new goal for myself; getting both girls on the same schedule.

Right now my oldest has camp in the morning for three hours and then will take an afternoon nap for two hours. Avery has her morning nap that averages around 2-3 hours and an afternoon nap that is about the same. I would love it if both girls would take their afternoon nap at the same time.

In my ideal “mommy” world, they would sleep at the same time in the afternoon, I could get some work done or get things straightened around the apartment, they would wake up, we eat dinner and they would both go to bed around the same time. Sounds perfect right? Well, I’ve almost got it that way. Almost.

Avery is a bit indecisive on when she wants her afternoon nap. Sometimes it’s early afternoon, sometimes it’s late in the afternoon. There are some days when both girls sleep at the same time and it is two hours of pure bliss. I just want to keep that our regular routine.

Moms of two or more, any tips?

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