Give Me Carbs, or Give Me Nothing! -Vivi


So Vivi likes carbs. She also likes protein, fruits and vegetables, but she never goes on protein benders (unless you count yogurt or cottage cheese, then she’s all over it, but perhaps that falls more into the dairy/protein category.) I can still remember seeing an ad when Addie was teeny tiny that said something like “Most toddlers don’t see a fruit or vegetable all day, let alone eat it.” I was offended to my very core, how could people not be feeding their kids fruits and vegetables? Then I got busy, perhaps you could say lazy. At the end of a particularly difficult day I looked back on what Addie had eaten that day, and none of it had grown on a tree or on a plant (unless we’re counting wheat, which I’m not.)

Access to carbs is far too easy. They’re everywhere, prepackaged and grossly appealing. They travel easily, are cheap and give the illusion of eating real food. Not that all are bad, but even good things are bad in abundance. As I head out with Vivi for spring getaways to the park and friends houses, even errands, I have to consciously pack real food for the both of us. Sure, Vivi would eat carbs all day any day, but that’s not what I want for her. There are some mornings when all she wants is the oatmeal, forget the blueberries and banana. I tried to best her by mixing the bananas into the oatmeal but she caught onto me. Lately I’ve been thawing those marvelous pureed cubes of baby food that I so painstakingly prepared and adding them to her meals. It seems to be working. Jessica Seinfeld would be very proud of my deception.

Just like with her little baby bento last week, I’ve started just leaving straight up carbs out of the main meal offering. If she’s hungry she’ll eat no matter what’s offered, right? (Hey, it works with the seven year old.) As a mom it’s my rightful duty to carry Cheerios with me at all times, if she finishes off her lunch and is still ravenous? Bring in the little oat O’s. Know what else travels really well? Avocado. Slice it in half , but don’t separate it, bring a spoon and when the time comes? Pop it open and share with your baby. (Assuming you like avocado, THEY’RE SO GOOD.)

Do you have any tricks for bringing fruits and vegetables along so you can avoid the carb trap?


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