Go-To Finger Foods

My Huckleberry is a funny eater. What he lacks in quantity, he makes up for in variety.

At ten months old, he still has a hard time finishing a jar of baby food. (When I say “hard time” I mean it’s still never actually happened.) When it comes to morning oatmeal he still only wants a quarter of a cup. If it’s from a spoon he’s hardly all that into it. And his new trick is taking out whatever I’ve just put in his mouth so he can examine it a while before putting it back in his mouth (he has even done this while nursing, which was . . . weird).

So we’re mostly finger fooding it these days. The man needs to feed himself! After the jump, a list of our favorites:

1. Banana

He prefers to take bites straight from the banana, and good thing too. Banana can quickly turn into the nastiest substance I have ever seen.

2. Cherries

I cut them in quarters and remove the pit first, of course, and Huck goes nuts. Oh cherries, love of his life!

3. HappyMelts

I love toting HappyMelts around for Huck because they actually taste like yogurt. We like to share. It’s one of those, “one for you, one for me” sort of deals. (This may be why we go through them so fast.) That bitter, creamy flavor is missing from so many children’s yogurts and it’s just lame. Bring back the tart yogurts, people!

4. Those Blessed, Blessed Cheerios

I don’t know, there is just something magical about Cheerios.

4. Strawberries

Huck really loves to gnaw down on those icy cold strawberry (our fridge is apparently broken and turns all our produce into fruitcicles). Especially good for teething!

5. A Good Slice of New York Pizza

I give him my crusts and he gets terribly excited, jabbering nonsense words and waving his crust around in his fist in triumph.

And, on the odder side of the spectrum:

1. Black Olives

We were at a bbq and on the platter with the tomato and onion and lettuce were a pile of shiny black olives–my favorite! As I was eating a few I wondered if Huck might enjoy one too, so I ripped off a small bite for him. He loved it. He ate three whole olives (this is a lot for this kid). Clearly he takes after his mama on this one.

2. Pickles

Not just any pickles, but artisan spicy garlic pickles from the Brooklyn Flea Market! I made sure to run it under the water first to get any excessive spices and sodium off the pickle, and he happily munched on it for ten minutes.

3. Beets

I’m guessing a disliking of beets is something you grow into as you watch cartoons where cartoon characters express dislike for beets, cause dudes, beets are amazing. Huck thinks so too. His whole face was a lovely beetly pink by the end of the adventure, and I was worried I’d have to toss his onesie out it was so beet-stained. Since then, beets have been a naked snack experience.

What have been your favorite go-to finger foods?

When is a good time to Start Your Baby on Solid Foods?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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