What it Takes Just to Go To the Store


The days of jumping out of the car mid-day and running into the store are over. In order to go to the store during the day, a series of events has to happen – none of which are easy.  We have 2 kids at home during the day that are little. Little people take work.

What it takes just to go to the store:

Is baby fed?
Is baby’s diaper clean?
Is toddler’s diaper clean?
Where is the Moby wrap?
Do I have a stroller in the car?
Am I clothed?
Is baby clothed?
Is toddler clothed?
Where are our shoes?
Find keys.
Put baby in location while strapping toddler into car seat.
Run get baby, put baby in car seat.
Jump in the car and go.

And that is just GETTING to the store. I won’t go into detail in regards to the attempt of getting 2 kids into position to shop, then shopping, checking out, loading the car and so on.

By the end of the shopping adventure, it’s time to pick up the older kids from school and the day has gone to waste.


Does Anyone Else Refuse to Take More than 1 Kid to the Store at a Time?

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