Good News & Bad News at the Pediatrician


It’s only Tuesday but I’m feeling exhausted by this week. We took Arlo in for his 2 month well baby visit yesterday. The good news is that Arlo is growing like CRAZY. At 10 weeks old, he weighs 13 pounds and 6 ounces and is 23 inches long. That’s a gain 5 pounds, 1 ounce and 2.5 inches since he was born.  Sometimes it’s a bit mind blowing to realize just how fast he is growing.  Can you imagine gaining half a pound a week?!? I feel like at this rate, if I sit still and stare long enough, I’ll actually see him growing new chub rolls. I’m already looking back at photos of him from a few weeks ago and saying “My baby! My baby!” all dramatically like he’s headed off to college or something.

So along with the good news that he is indeed strikingly handsome, growing great, and is meeting all of his milestones for this age, we also got some troubling news that he could have an issue with his eyes. I’d noticed some unusual movements when he stared intently at objects and brought this up with pediatrician. She agreed it was not typical movement, wrote down a long dreadful sounding condition and made us an appointment with a pediatric opthamologist next month.

Want to know what is the worst thing ever to do when your child might possibly have an issue with their development?  Googling it. WORST.IDEA.EVER

Now I’ve got 3 weeks between now and his appointment with the eye doctor to not completely freak myself out or think of worse case scenarios. I hate that Arlo even has to be looked at by someone with the world “Specialist” in their title. I walked in thinking we’d just do the usual healthy check-up and a “see you in two months!” routine. So until his appointment finally arrives, I’m just praying that this is a misdiagnosis or that the condition is minor and refusing to get on Google again.


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