Good Things Can Happen to Those Who Fly (with babies).


Today will contain Miss Vivi’s fifth and sixth flights in her 13 short weeks of life. I wish I had advice for moms flying with kids and/or babies but I pretty much subscribe to the “make sure they have something to suck/chew on during takeoff and landing and pray for kind seatmates and random acts of kindness” way of thinking. But now that I think of it, my way of thinking isn’t so bad at all, in fact, I may be onto something!

People seem to be much more kind and patient to a person who seems to have thier wits about them. Let’s face it, there are some parents who when faced with airline travel they demand to be accommodated to simply because they are traveling with children. No one wants to sit next to that person, they will probably guilt you into giving your peanuts to their kid because they’re a kid and you’re not and how rude of you to consider not sharing all that you have with a kid.

Back in April of ’07 I traveled with a then two year old from Indiana to Utah. We became trapped in the Chicago airport due to an unexpected storm and I had NO IDEA how we were going to make it out of there. I took my place in line and began to sob. Next thing I know a man named Bob held out his hand and said “Let’s take you to the Red Carpet Club as my guest and we’ll get your flight sorted out there.” Bob? I have never forgotten your kindness and I have payed it forward to traveling moms whenever I get the chance. (Also? There just happen to be unlimited Kit Kats in the Red Carpet Club.)

Last month I took a two month old Vivi on her first flight. Upon arriving at the airport the security line was the longest I’ve ever seen a security line. Again, I took my place in line with Vivi only this time there was less sobbing and far more sweating (I didn’t have a stroller with me, just a mei tai.) A TSA agent pulled me out of line almost immediately and ushered me to the front of a super secret line where I was able to get through security in under five minutes. Bless him. If that weren’t fantastic enough there were two friends who realized their tickets were no where near each other, one was in first class and the other in coach. On the way down the ramp the guy in first class asked if I’d like to trade him seats so he could be in coach with his buddy.

This is where I take a break from this heartwarming story to tell you that I am too short for the seats in first class and that my feet don’t even touch the floor. Not to mention I kept sliding off the supple leather leaving Vivi in all sorts of funny sleeping positions. Wah, first class seats are too fancy for my coach rear.

On my most recent flight from Indy to California I found out last minute that one of my all time favorite friends was on the SAME FLIGHT. Nothing cures flying with a baby anxiety like being next to a real friend the whole way. Vivi of course was an absolute peach on all of the flights whether we were in first class, coach or near the potty.

How will today go? No idea. But I’m going to keep subscribing to my “pray for kindness” mantra and see where it takes me. (Which should at least be back to Indianapolis.)

Do you have any travel angel stories to share?