Goodbye Colic?


I hope I haven’t jinxed myself by typing the words in the headline of this post, but, after more than 2 months of crazy evening colic, I think that Kara has finally turned the corner.

Now, excuse me while I trip over myself looking for some wood to knock on!

We quite literally tried every colic remedy in the book, but do you want to know what finally did the trick? Time. Nothing more than time.

People who have never had to cope with a baby who has colic may not understand how truly challenging it can be, but let me tell you, Kara’s colic nearly drove me and my husband to our breaking point. There were tears, arguments, and meltdowns all around. Even our toddler was impacted by the constant, intense screaming.

Now, while I can say that I believe the colic is gone, I still have a baby who cries a lot. It is just in Kara’s nature to fuss and cry, but when she’s happy, she is very happy, and the fussing is not constant so I’ll take it.

I can say definitively that the colicky phase that we endured with Kara really put the final nail in the coffin of NO MORE BABIES.

Do you remember the relief you felt when your baby’s colic finally eased up?

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