Goodbye Mom Hair! Hello New Do!

Long hair... so long!

My hair… is the longest it has ever been. Well maybe not ever because I had really long hair when I was a little girl. But the time has come to ditch my current do for something shorter, easier to manage, and of course something I cannot just throw back into a dull mom pony tail.

I have always been a huge advocate for women not falling into the typical mom-hair rut after having a baby, but that is exactly what I did this time around.

I have argued with myself repeatedly in my head.

Cut it… don’t cut it!
You will regret it! It will look great!

My head is still spinning, and in a month I may be kicking myself in the ass, but I am cutting my hair today. I made an appointment for 1:30pm. I have a babysitter and I am just going to do it.

I just need something fresh! I feel frumpy and tired, and I think part of that is my hair. Does that even make sense?

Moms chime in!
Have you been there before?
How do you feel after a new do?


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