Great News in the World of Addie's Helmet

Valentines Day Surprise!

Tuesday brought Addison’s helmet check up. The first one in a long while where measurements of her head were done to document what kind of progress she had made while looking like a linebacker.

Her specialist and I looked at each other in awe after he took out his little measurement tool… and wrote down the numbers. What should have been a 3+ month process looks like it will be over roughly around 2 months.

I know numbers and statistics don’t really mean much to people who aren’t familiar with what we are going through, but to put it in layman’s terms… she has made more than 50% progress in just a couple weeks since we started the helmet process.

I was especially surprised because we had lost some time here and there — almost two full weeks with fevers, illness and a nasty cold. I was expecting to have little progress, if any at all.

Knowing we are almost finished with the process makes me incredibly excited because I know how miserable Addie is some days. You can notice, especially when she sits playing and then out of no where tries her hardest to pull the helmet off of her head.

Or at bedtime when I lay her down in bed and she lays with her arms motioning to pull it off. It breaks my heart. I want to save her from it all and take it off but I know I can’t do that. I know we need to follow the rules and follow the wearing schedule.

I am so grateful we have this kind of modern technology to help her with her issue… but I am NOT going to miss this helmet once it is gone — and I KNOW she won’t either!


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