Guitar Loving Babe


As soon as my husband and I found out we were having a boy, he started hoping his son might grow up and play the guitar – or play basketball. He joked about placing a guitar in one corner, a basketball in the other, and placing the baby between the two. Whichever he crawled towards would be his destiny.

Even though this was a joke, Tate seems to have made his choice (for now anyway). This kid loves him some guitar.

At first he would happily play with the guitar strings if they were nearby. Then, he started finding his way to the guitar stand in the office almost any time he was left to his own devices. Now, he crawls like mad any time he hears the first strum.

Today, after my husband got home from work, he took a few minutes to play guitar to unwind. As soon as Tate realized what was going on he feverishly rushed toward the sound, only to find a closed door between him and his favorite instrument. He whimpered and stroked the panel until I came to offer him a way in.

He shuffled to the bed and clamoring to get as close as possible. It was the sweetest thing.

Do your babies have a thing for musical instruments?

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