Hand-Me-Down Love

Closet of hand me downs
Fuzzball's Wardrobe

Although, nothing beats Fuzzball’s yummy bare skin, sometimes, he needs to get dressed. Luckily, I love baby clothes, too.  It’s amazing how my heart sings when I see Fuzz dresed in a particularly snuggly adorable number. Even better is when I know that outfit was previously worn by Shnook, and possibly two or three other babies as well. I love hand-me-downs. Thanks to amazing family and friends, and for a second boy, Fuzzball will not need a single new item for a long long time.

Fuzz has way more clothes than he could ever conceivably wear. I’d have to change his clothes ten times a day, and I already have too much laundry as it is. He doesn’t just have a lot of clothes. He has a lot of really nice clothes, thanks to the fabulous tastes of the previous owners of the clothes.

He’s growing so fast, he’s almost fully out of his 0-3 month clothes, and he’s well into the 3-6 box. It’s a sad and happy moment when his tummy gets too large to pull up a pair of baby jeans over his onesie, such a fleeting moment of cuteness. And the jeans? Still practically new.

I look forward to passing these clothes along to the next friend or relative who has a baby boy and hope they get at much pleasure out of dressing up their little guy as I do.

A special shout out to my mom, who made the closet look so good. Here’s what all these clothes looked like before:

Boxes of clothes