Happy 4th of July from Two Little Miss American Pies

Fun for the whole family

There’s nothing more American than Costco, really.

Lots of food in large packages at discounted prices. A hot dog and soda combo for $1.50 (just a $1.50!) at the food counter. Lots of free food samples. Shopping carts that fit two kids. Two of ’em!

My husband and I took our girls Petunia, 3, and Peony, 10 months, to Costco on Sunday to do some 4th of July shopping. Petunia already knows about the joy of Costco’s pizza and the free samples. But Peony is just learning.

Happy Independence Day, and by independence, I mean the freedom to shop when both kids can fit safely in the shopping cart and be constantly distracted by free food. Take a look:

Miss American Pie
Free samples!


Top photo credit: Wikipedia

Bottom photo credit: Meredith Carroll