Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Betcha can't tell I am breastfeeding!

I normally always use a breastfeeding cover, because that is just my personal comfort level when it comes to nursing.  I never really got the hang of getting my babies all situated without making a big scene, so easiest solution was exactly what I do… use a cover.


This past weekend, I got brave!   We were sitting at the beach for an outdoor concert, and we set up shop away from the big crowds, and Addie woke… after a pretty nice nap too! And of course she wanted to eat.

And instead of digging through my diaper bag, and fishing out a cover so that I could sweat profusely on the beach in the late day sun… I just fed her.  And it was incredibly empowering.

I felt like it was an amazing accomplishment!  I was able to nurse her, discreetly without using a cover!   To me, this is big considering it has been insanely hot the past couple weeks! And using a cover in that kind of heat is nothing short of medieval torture.

This year celebrating world breastfeeding week is so different for me though… I have at some capacity breastfed all of my children, although I have been far most successful this time around, and the equation for success was not easy to come by.  First I have to credit my supportive pediatrician.   With my oldest son there was always weight concerns, which pushed us to a famous lactation consultant in my area who suggested formula.  No joke! I didn’t know enough, so I followed the feeding schedule they laid out… and in the end he started to prefer the bottle over the breast.  FAIL

My second was a whole new can of worms… lead by insane allergies that really was upsetting to me. I felt defective. Defeated… and it lead to a battle with postpartum depression.

This time around I went into breastfeeding as care free as I possibly could have been. While I was prepared with a pump, covers, and everything most nursing mothers want for accessories… if it didn’t work out, I was prepared because I had been in that situation twice already.

But I didn’t have to worry about it!

Now over three months into it, we are in such a routine that it is second nature. And over the weekend while talking with my husband, he commented about my commitment and dedication… I told him it is just what I am meant to do as a mom!

Oh, and let me tell you, only having to wash one bottle a week when I go to a Tuesday night commitment has been amazing, because I loath washing bottles more than anything in this world.

Anything to make my job easier right?   I mean, I do have three kids… three and under!

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Comment and share some of your breastfeeding stories and experiences!