Have Baby Will Travel: Baby Gear I Never Leave Home Without


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When I had my first daughter almost nine years ago, I registered for the biggest and baddest diaper bags I could get my hands on. Multiple straps, lots of waterproof pockets, hooks zippers and cargo space, oh my! I traveled throughout the day like an exhausted sleep-deprived pack mule and was prepared for absolutely every ridiculous situation imaginable. My over packing was comical, although my back and shoulders found the obsession more accurately described as painful.

These days I have four children, one who is still a baby — and I’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s to streamline my packing and only carry with me a few necessities.

I’ve put together a short little video showing off a few of my “never leave home without” baby essentials for when it comes to leaving the house with a newborn in tow.

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