Having This Baby Changed Everything


This baby has changed everything.
This baby has changed everything.

So this is TMI, but we’re all friends here right?  A year ago we conceived our little Zeke. I know the exact date, which I won’t go into details on the what or why or HOW (I save that for my other blog … kidding, Mom).

A year ago, we had an 8-month old baby. Life was great. My days in corporate America had me traveling frequently.

Then New Year’s hit and we found out we were expecting another baby. It took me a few months to not cry when telling someone. I was a hormonal mess.  We had just had a baby, I was on birth control when we got pregnant with Zeke. How in the world would we manage two babies?! 

I started blogging for Being Pregnant in March. It’s so weird to look back at those crazy months of pregnancy that, at the time, seemed so long and draining. With the stresses of my day job, three kids and a Texas summer, somehow we made it. And on August 3, we had Zeke.

Little did we know, that baby would change everything.

In the last 3 months, I’ve quit my corporate job and have had the chance to enjoy a baby for the first time.  After each of our other babies, I’ve stressed on my way back into the workplace, having to maintain a good career and regular paycheck. This baby made me realize that a career in corporate America was holding me back from what matters.

I’ve since moved to working at home, blogging, with partial childcare for our toddler.  I’ve adjusted to having all of my kids with me and just saying that hurts my heart just a wee bit. The fact that I have to adjust and get used to having all of them here all the same time makes me realize that I made the right decision saying goodbye to the unnecessary stresses my j-o-b brought me.

It’s all because of this baby. And yes, here is where you can tell me to shut up … because for one sentence I’m going to brag. He’s absolutely perfect.

Has Having a Baby Made You Re-Look at How You Are Living Your Life?


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