Having A Girl At Christmas


After 3 boys there has been something really magical about having a baby girl at Christmas time.

I notice that traditions are different, I think about how this cookie recipe I want to teach her, wonder if I’ll be handing down some of my heriloom and vintage decor. The boys will be interested in these things too, but it’s not the same.

When I’ve been out shopping for gifts I notice that I keep forgetting to even look at girl things. The pink toy aisle has been a place I never ventured before. Now I get lost in there wondering what in the world baby girls like (answer: the same thing baby boys like!).

I’m so excited as I think ahead to future Christmases with this wee girl – they will only get more and more magical each year!

You mamas of girls – how have you noticed the specialness of having a baby girl at Christmas?


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