He Didn't Crawl Yet, But...

baby crib
Superchunk right before we lowered his crib mattress.

Ugh!! Just when you think you have everything under control, things change on a dime. While Fuzz still isn’t crawling, in the past day or two, he learned how to push himself into sitting from lying down and suddenly, today he stood up in his crib. STOOD UP! I wasn’t expecting this so soon! I tried to get a picture but he sat down faster than my phone would snap it. Darn lag time on my android! Of course, he wouldn’t stand up again, no matter how much coaxing…he said: “I’m not a puppet, Mama.” Oh well.

Also, yesterday, he catapulted himself over the barrier of our bed and onto the hard wood floor. Ouch. My heart was broken, but luckily, nothing appeared broken on the Fuzzball. He was definitely startled, though. Oh well, I knew it would happen eventually.

So, this means changes.

Today we lowered his crib mattress to the lowest position.

We will continue to have him cosleep close to the wall for part of the night but we have to be really careful when he wakes up in the morning. When he’s well rested, he wakes up silently and starts to play. I usually hear him shortly thereafter, but who knows how long he’s been up? I keep some toys for him in the bed so he won’t have to go looking elsewhere. I’m hoping we can still cosleep for a part of the night until we leave for the summer, then we’ll have a host of other challenges.

Seems like yesterday he was rolling over. This year is going so fast! Sniff.