He Lets me Know When He's Tired….


why don’t I want to listen?

This morning Little Bean woke up just before 7 AM. We came downstairs, played a bit and then ate breakfast. Well, he ate breakfast. I’ve been very indecisive in the food department lately. Deciding what to feed the kids is hard enough. In a weird way all my energy is spent on that and then I have nothing left, but I digress.

I whipped him up a bowl of banana mush (mashed banana, yogurt, formula and oatmeal.) It’s one of his favorites. He ate like a champ, fed himself some Cheerios and giggled at Big Brother.

Then it was crawling time. He toured the kitchen, played with his new blocks, explored the door stops, tried to eat the cat food and pulled himself up on the laundry basket.

By 8:30 he was already trying to tell me he was tired…

  • He cried when I left the room.
  • He was uninterested in anything but being held and walked around.
  • He rubbed his eyes and tugged at his ear.
  • He’d giggle when tickled and then immediately break into tears.

The signs are unmistakable yet I don’t immediately listen. It’s like I can’t believe he needs sleep less then 2 hours after waking up, but he does!

8:45 I put him in the crib. There was no complaint from him. He played with the mobile for about 2 minutes and then….

out like a light!

I need to trust him more.


This mom states: Sleep experts? Not in my nursery!