Hello, I'm The Second Child. Can You Tell?

baby with marker on face
Graffiti courtesy of older brother.

Here’s a proud mom moment. I’m attempting to write a post (for all you wonderful readers out there) and I hear something in the background like this:

“(Fuzz) Don’t move, I’m going to draw on your face. NO, Don’t move!!”

This conversation registered in my brain about four seconds too late. By the time I walked in the room, my poor Fuzzball was covered in red magic marker.

Shnook really has taken to this older brother thing quite nicely. Fuzz didn’t even flinch or care. It was just me who was upset. I picked up my defaced baby, gave him tons of kisses, and then took this picture for y’all to see.

Then I washed it off–or tried too. There’s still a little between his eyebrows. It’s like a little red uni-brow.

Sigh. I can commiserate. I’m a second child too.

Anyone else’s first child do similar stuff to their sibling?