Helmet Check Up: The Verdict Is...

Does It Stay? Or Go?

The last time we talked about Addison’s helmet she had made such good progress we thought it would only be a matter of time before it was gone. Earlier than we originally anticipated!

When we left the office two weeks ago I was instructed to make an appointment three weeks from then. Well it turns out Addie’s doctor would be on vacation that week.

That left us with either two weeks, or five weeks. I picked two weeks because of course I would rather have to go back a third time than keep the helmet on longer than she needs it.

Well after more measurements and a happy doctor — the helmet stays for another three weeks.

Had her head actually grown more during the past two weeks she probably would have been out of it!

We go back mid-March and pray for the best!

Thank you for all the comments and well wishes!  They really do make a difference at the end of the day!

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