Help Me Survive The Drive!

Road trip!!!

I’m not sure how much I’ve written about this over here on Baby’s First Year, but in a little over two weeks we are moving from Utah to Pennsylvania. Yay! With a toddler, a 3-month-old and two nutbag black labs. No!

Am I insane?

Seriously. Somebody tell me, am I insane? Serge will be driving the moving truck and I will be driving the vehicle containing all the aforementioned child and dog individuals. Well, maybe one of the dogs will ride with Serge but still! AM I INSANE?

We’re moving because Utah is my home state and I am SO over it. The politics, the religion… Also, Serge’s mom is retired and claims she wants to do a lot of babysitting and we have kind of been folding in on ourselves out here without a lot of family help. Plus! We will live a five(ish) hour drive from our favorite city in the world: New York City!

We lived in Brooklyn for three years and absolutely loved it, it’s just so damn expensive. So – we are off to the country y’all. Seriously. We have rented a big ol’ house (sight unseen!) for half of what we used to pay for rent in New York for an apartment that could fit in our current bathroom. We’ll be living in a tiny town in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country. Seriously! Horses and buggies drive right by our new front porch all the time!

My question to y’all is this: what tips do you have for driving long distances with a toddler and a baby? I asked the good people on my Facebook page for DVD suggestions. I’d really like to get Violet into movies so – for my own sanity – I won’t have to listen to the same episodes of Dora over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I have it on good authority that toddlers like Tangled? What else? C’mon! Y’all are wise people! Gimme tips and tricks to survive the drive.


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