Hey Kid, Stop PInching Me!

Notice the Saliva Spot.

Little Bean is pulling up on EVERYTHING! The couch, chairs, laundry baskets, even the back of my legs.

I love watching him problem solve and explore. He’s so curious, active and smitten with himself when he accomplishes what he set out to do, and if you clap or praise him? Watch out. He’s eats it’s up like a contestant on American Idol who just got a ticket to Hollywood.

There’s just one one teeny tiny little annoying aspect of all this pulling up-ness.

He pinches me.

A lot.

And dude, it hurts!

He grabs just enough of skin in his tiny little hand to make me wince. He’ll even grab the back of my calves when I’m standing in the kitchen and pull up to his feet crippling me until I twist around and pick him up.

It’s cute and annoying at same time.

Now that he has teeth (the upper just broke through) I’m expecting a few bites next.

Ahhhh parenthood.

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