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Hey Naps, Please Synchronize

By emily |

School started for my big girls just over 2 weeks ago, which means we’re doing our best to figure out the day in, day out, groove. I guess you could call it a schedule, which is a novel idea for me.

The boys and I have the bulk of the day to ourselves, from 8am – 2:30pm. We play, we cook, we clean, we run errands, and we (and by we, I mean them) nap.

Oh, the wonder and beauty of a nap. Personally, there’s nothing more glorious than watching your kid nap. It just never gets old.

But as of recently, the boys naps have  actually become problematic. Cramping my style, if you will. You see, someone is always sleeping, and I’m not digging it at all.

Picture it:

My whole family, all six of us get up at 6:30 to start the day. The big girls leave for school at 7:35am.

Baby Paul eats breakfast and is down for his morning nap by 8:30am.

Paul naps from 8:30am – 11:30am.

We (the little boys and I) eat lunch at 11:30, Gage, (my 2 years old), naps from 12:00 pm – 2:45pm.

We leave to pick up the girls from school at 3:00.

As soon as we get home from school pickup, Paul takes his afternoon nap from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.

Dinner is served at 6pm, and bedtime for all 4 of my children is at 7:30 pm.

Did you get that? Other than very short burst of time where we’re either eating or doing the school pick-up thing, someone is always napping.

Translated: I never leave the house, or have a moment to myself. And even though someone is always napping, they’re never sleeping at the same time, which means SOMEONE IS ALWAYS AWAKE.

So while it pains me to even entertain this idea, I’m considering trying to force baby Paul to drop his morning nap, so both the boys nap in the afternoon together.

This way, we could do things in the morning, like errands or story time at the library. And then in the afternoon, I would have a couple solid hours in a quite house, before the girls get home from school.

I’m thinking synchronized naps would be the best thing since pumpkin spiced lattes.

But is forcing a baby (almost 8 months old) to drop his morning nap a recipe for disaster? Ugh, probably. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks, I’m all ears.

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2 thoughts on “Hey Naps, Please Synchronize

  1. Sarah Partain says:

    So here’s what I’ve done/do/figured out, etc.

    Levi (and actually, Flannery) used to take 3 naps a day: morning, afternoon and a short dinner time naps. I’ve known some kids to take a 45 minute or hour long nap in the morning, then a longer nap in the afternoon.
    Levi is dropping the dinner time nap, thankfully, but still seemingly needs two naps a day, which, in a perfect world, equal to about 4 hours of day time sleep a day. What I’ve now tried to do is to get in the needed nap time amount, but not necessarily in the epic nap ways that he’s done it. When we’re out and about, in the car, etc, I’m happy if he catches a 45 minute nap and then sleeps for a few hours later. It’s what has to happen if we are out running errands, etc. Then, when we get home, he and Flannery can nap together in the afternoon.
    There are days, though, usually when we stay home, that he goes down at 10 am, sleeps til 12:30/1 and then Flannery goes down for nap at 1, then when she wakes up, Levi goes back to sleep and I have the day you just described, which drives me crazy.
    So I don’t really know if I have any answers, except to maybe try limiting his morning nap so he’ll sleep longer in the afternoon?? I’ve generally never stopped the morning nap until after a year old, just because my kids have seemed to need that sleep. But I have come to learn that sleep cycles are 45 minutes long (at least for my kids), so I know if they can get that in, that they would probably be rested for awhile. Hang in there. Nap time can be so tough to work with and around!

  2. Renee says:

    Hi Emily :) OH GIRL…hear you. I don’t have the big kids in school yet but I was in the same boat when Claire was that baby age and Chloe took her 1 pm nap. Luckily (not sure “luckily….) as it turns out Claire has decided from day 1 not to require very much sleep…my 3 year old still sleeps more in one day than she does sometimes. And at about 9 months Claire decided she didn’t want to take a morning nap anymore…by that I mean she would nap great for her am nap and then take a little 1 hour nap if that in the pm…no way Jose! I dropped the am nap like a bad habit and we were good to go. Claire went back to a am nap this summer for about 2-3 weeks when she was going through a growth spurt. But we are def on ONE synchronized nap ;) I would take what I can get though if he is still willing to take the 2 naps. I miss Claire napping in the am and the stuff I could get done with just Chloe or taking a coffee break with Chloe while we watched Super Why… :) But I hear you on the feeling STUCK…I know you have probably been told this too shall pass…he will prolly out grow his am nap by Christmas time anyway and you will be free as a bird in the morning ;)

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