Hey, You're Not My Mom!

eyes on mama

The time comes in every baby’s development when they start noticing who’s holding them. Tate was always aware of me and Steve. From the time he was born, he would look in our general direction when we spoke, but he wasn’t too concerned with who was actually holding him.

When he started smiling he dished out the best grins for Steve and I, but was still willing to share with anybody that was smiling at him. It has just been over the last week or so that Tate has decided he knows who we are and we are who he wants.

Last week, a friend (who has been kind enough to take Tate off of our hands on more than one occasion) came to visit. She offered to hold Tate, as usual, and he put out his upper lip and started searching the room for me. I felt awful. Of course, there is nothing a parent can do in this situation. Babies will be babies.

Most days, I give Tate to Steve when he gets home. Our baby proceeds to spend the next 10 minutes scanning the room for me, and following me with his eyes once he found me.

I don’t know if there is anything I can do to help Tate be more comfortable with other people, but I am curious if it’s a phase or is this going to be an issue going forward? I would love to hear any experiences or advice you can share.