Highchair Antics

Today Lil’ Abner graduated from bumbo to high-chair. The consensus? So far, so good. It’s amazing really, how something so little can make such a huge change in our lives.

Now Abby can join me in the kitchen right next to the island while I prep food for meals. She can sit right next to me at the dining room table while I work.

As long as she’s uber close to me, she’s happy. Baby-wearing can only be done so much, before it gets painful. Especially if you are like me, with back issues. So, I have to mix things up a bit.

Between play-time on the floor, being worn and high-chair time, the jolly jumper, high chair, parenting challenges, baby milestones, baby gear and the exersaucer – we’ve got our bases covered and visit them often.

As of late Abby has gotten quite expressive, check out her reaction to being plopped down in her bro’s handed down highchair. After the jump!

  • What’s This? 1 of 12
    What's This?
    What's this contraption you've put me in mom? Sure, it's comfy, but somehow - I think you are trying to trick me into submission. Not gonna happen.
  • Take That Mama! 2 of 12
    Take That Mama!
    Don't try to distract me with my favorite toys...phht. Stacking cups. Who needs 'em?
  • I’ve Got My Eye On You… 3 of 12
    I've Got My Eye On You...
    Okay. I can't live without the cups. You got me. But I'm watching you. Don't think I won't whip this on the floor in an instant if I think you're going to step more than 2 feet away from me.
  • That’s Right, Entertain Me 4 of 12
    That's Right, Entertain Me
    It's your JOB. Plus, I'm fun and cute. Best job ever, right?
  • Awe Momsies, Ya Knows I Luvs Ya 5 of 12
    Awe Momsies, Ya Knows I Luvs Ya
    I suppose this chair isn't so bad after all. Maybe I'll even kick back a bit.
  • Love Eyes 6 of 12
    Love Eyes
    Can we just hang-out, like - forever? Screw the laundry, the dishes, the floors. I want to PLAY.
  • Yes, Yes, YES! 7 of 12
    Yes, Yes, YES!
    Just like that! Oh, mama - you're so silly.
  • What’s That You Say?! 8 of 12
    What's That You Say?!
    Banana? I'm there.
  • But First, a Song 9 of 12
    But First, a Song
    This table is great for acoustics.
  • I’ll Sing it Hiiiiigh 10 of 12
    I'll Sing it Hiiiiigh
    You sing it low mama. Go. Do. It.
  • That’s Right, Just Like That 11 of 12
    That's Right, Just Like That
    I love me some Curtis Mayfield in the morning. Puts me in the best mood ever. You too mama, I notice these things.
  • Anyways 12 of 12
    Next, I'd like you to dance. I'm the boss around here, so phhhhhhht!

How old was your little one when they began using a high-chair. Did they love it or hate it?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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