Holy Poopfest!

Little Bean Enjoying His Breakfast

Little bean is taking to solids like a champ! He nurses 4 times a day, 1-2 two times at night and is now having 2 good size solid meals a day. This morning he had a bowl of oatmeal, applesauce and pureed grapes.

The boy likes to EAT!


The boy needs to POOP!

We are talking 4 poops a DAY and not the cute non-smelly breastfeeding poops but darker, smellier, firmer, icky, REAL poops.

But it’s all quite normal.

I found the ultimate visual guide to baby poop on, and yes, it’s complete with lovely pictures of poop. So don’t click if you can’t handle close up and personal diapers photos.

If poop pics are not your thing check out this guide on which takes a less realistic yet still disturbing approach to documenting the wondrous world of baby poop.

Ahh yes. the JOYS of motherhood. :)

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